O365 Inbox Connector Best Practices

With Outlook/O365 Inbox Connector, Siftrock makes it easy to send your replies to your Siftrock account from an O365 inbox. Before we dive in on how to connect your inbox through Siftrock, it's important to follow a few tips for the best possible experience. (Also see our "Inbox Glossary" for more information)onDO

1. Don't link your personal inbox

Make sure the inbox you choose is one that is used for marketing or sales purposes only. Typically, this will be named something like marketing@Hooli.com or webinars@hooli.com. In some cases, you may have an alias you send from, such as lauren@hooli.com. You also may want to hook up inboxes from sales rep that emails are sent on behalf of. The key here is that you don't set up Siftrock to receive the replies from your own inbox. 

2. Log out of your own O365 account before connecting your marketing inbox

Before you connect your marketing inbox into Siftrock, be sure to log out of your own O365 inbox. Otherwise, you may accidentally connect your personal inbox. 

2. Make sure the email address you connect with has a real inbox

It's important that the email address you connect with is associated with a real inbox, one that will actually receive replies to it directly. A good test is whether or not you can actually log in to the account. Otherwise, we won't be able to collect the data. There are some accounts that won't be associated with a real inbox. One example is if your team has a shared or group email address. For example, a "support@hooli.com" email address where mail gets sent to multiple people won't have an inbox associated with it. 

Once you've ensured that the following conditions are in place, you can follow the steps to connect your O365 inbox in your Siftrock account. See the connecting your O365 inbox guide here. 

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