User roles and permissions

Siftrock has 4 types of user roles on standard accounts. Each account must have at least 1 admin. The admin will typically be whoever first created the account.

Roles and Permissions:

  • Contributor.  Contributors have connected an inbox, but only have permission to view things related to their inbox.
  • User.  Users can view everything and export data, but can't edit things like workflows or other users.
  • Manager.  Managers can create or edit workflows, add or edit users, access the data privacy feature, and manage account settings, but they can't do things with billing & subscriptions.
  • Admin.  Admins can do everything, including manage billing & subscriptions, as well as access the data privacy feature. 

Special note for agency accounts:

If you are an agency customers with multiple client accounts, we also have a Super Admin user role than can manage across multiple accounts. Please contact us to enable this role - 

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