Supported Languages in Siftrock

If you market outside of the U.S., you most likely receive auto-replies in multiple languages. Siftrock can help you classify those replies and update your database accordingly. 

Siftrock can classify emails in multiple languages. The languages that we currently support fully are English, German, and Spanish. 

We also have a category called "other," where we are able to identify/classify languages other than English, German, and Spanish. Within the "other" category, we are confident in our ability to classify human replies. However, our overall accuracy on auto-reply classification will most likely be lower than it is for our supported languages. 

You can include which languages you would like us to classify in the filtering section of your skills (shown below). You have the option to choose all languages, or pick specific languages. One option must be selected in order to set up the skill.

We typically advise choosing all languages for any update contact skills and any route and track skills. For create mined contact skills, we suggest choosing English only. 

If you have any questions on the languages Siftrock supports or any suggestions on languages we should support, let us know at 

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