Okta SCIM Configuration Guide

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  • Create Users
  • Update Users
  • Delete Users
  • Password Sync


This functionality is only available on the Siftrock Enterprise plan

Step-by-Step Configuration

Get your API Token

1. Log into Siftrock using a User Account with Admin privileges; Click Settings in the navigation bar, select Integrations on the left and retrieve your API Token.

Configure Provisioning

1. Enable API Integration and enter the API Token you retrieved earlier. Click “Save”.

2. Under Provisioning Features Select Creating, Updating, Deactivating, and Sync Passwords. Under Sync Password, check “Sync a randomly generated password”. Click “Save”.

3. In the Sign On tab, set the username format to “Email”. Click “Save”.

You can now assign people to the app and finish the application setup. Make sure that the "User Name" and "Primary Email" are the same value. Siftrock requires members to use email addresses to log in, so it is not possible to have different values for these fields.

Known Issues and Troubleshooting

After assigning a user to Siftrock, you may have to do a password reset before they can log in.

1. Under Assignments click the edit button for the user you just assigned.

2. Click the “Reset Password” Link. The user should now be able to login using the Okta Browser Extension.

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