Existing Subdomain Set Up Guide

Does your team have a separate subdomain (or subdomains) that you use for marketing specifically? If so, you can use that subdomain to send replies from your marketing campaigns to Siftrock. 

Before proceeding with this route, make sure that your subdomain meets the following requirements:

1.  Check to ensure that the subdomain isn't used for any other purpose like corporate or internal email.

2. Check that the subdomain isn't used in the return-path or bounceback address address of your marketing emails. 

Once these conditions have been met, you can update your subdomain to point to Siftrock. 

Step 1: Add your subdomain to your Siftrock account

1. Navigate to Settings, then click Domains & Forwarding in the lefthand navigation
2. Click "Click here to add a reply domain"
3. Type in your subdomain and click "Save"
4. The subdomain will show up as invalid in your Siftrock account for now, once you've completed the next step, it will show up as valid. 

Step 2: Update the subdomain's DNS records to point to Siftrock

Because your subdomain will already have DNS records, all you will need to do is update the MX record of your subdomain to point to Siftrock. 

The new MX record should look like this:

You'll also want to ensure that the MX record pointing at Siftrock has the highest priority of any other MX records in the DNS set up for your subdomain.

Once the MX record has been updated, you can check in your Siftrock account to make sure that the subdomain is showing up as valid. This means that replies will now be sent to Siftrock. 

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