Why Use Lead Owner Lookup Routing

Updated 2 years ago by Adam Schoenfeld

B2B email is becoming more human.

Tactically, this means a human "from" address, plain text formatting, conversational messaging, and a shift from 1-way blasts to 2-way engagement.

But email conversations can be painful to manage at scale. How do you get hand-raisers (real positive human replies) to your reps faster? How do you track replies?

We built Lead Owner Lookup Routing to solve those problems. This 2-minute video sums it up:

Here's how it works:

  • You can pick any field in your MAP for Siftrock to lookup owners.
  • As real human replies happen, Siftrock will lookup owners, then route to that person in real-time.
  • You can also track those responses to lists and fields for reporting and/or to pause flows.
  • You can even apply filters like "demo" or "pricing" or "questions" to get more precise.
  • You can set-up separate rules to automatically handle any manual opt-out or unsubscribe requests.

If you are already a Siftrock user go to the "Automate," then click "Route & Track." 

If you don't see this feature, please contact your account manager about changing plans.

If you aren't a Siftrock user, you can book a demo to learn more.

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