Skill - Create Sender Contacts

Do you wish there was an easy way to keep track of people who email your marketing alias but aren't stored in the database? Look no further than the Create Sender Contacts skill with Siftrock. When you set up a create sender contacts skill, we'll make a new contact in your database for anyone who emails into your marketing alias and doesn't already exist in your database.

The guide covers the steps to configure skills to create new contacts from email addresses that are not currently in your database. To get started, click the "Automate" tab, click "Create New Skill," and then click "Create Skill" under "Create Sender Contacts."

Step 1: Skill Name and Filters

Name your skill

We suggest naming your rule something that will help you remember what you are trying to achieve with this rule. In this example, I named my rule "Info@ Contacts Not in Marketo"

Select email types

Since you're creating contacts for a sender that's not currently in your database, you'll most likely want to choose the "Human Direct" and "Changed" email types (these two types will cover most cases where you receive an email from an unrecognized sender.) If you think you have a use case for a different email type, feel free to ask your CSM or email into

Add filters

Once you've finished this first step, you also have the option to add any filters you would like to apply to the emails that run through this skill. You have the option of filtering by source, language, body text, and subject text. In this example, we added a source filter, and only create new contacts in English. 

For more information on filters, see the Filters help guide.

Step 2: Create

In the next step of your skill, you can choose how you would like to sync the new sender contacts from the emails you specified in Step 1. In this example, we're syncing contacts to Marketo, and writing them to the Siftrock - New Contacts list.

There are 2 different types of field mapping available in a create sender contacts skill: static field mapping and Siftrock field mapping.

Siftrock field mapping

Siftrock's data can be mapped to fields in your MAP. You can map data to standard fields or custom fields. By default email address, name, and phone number will be mapped from Siftrock to your MAP.

Static field mapping

Static field mapping allows you to set a field to a specific value for all contacts created through this workflow. One example we recommend as a best practice is populating your Lead Source field with "Siftrock." This gives you a quick way to find all new contacts in your database that originated from Siftrock.

In this example, we're mapping the value "Siftrock" to the lead source field.


Once you've decided which list to write your new sender contacts to, and set up any field mapping, you will be able to hit "finish." This will take you back to the main skill list where your new skill will be set up and turned to off. As a last step, you'll just need to turn the skill to "on" and we'll automatically start processing any new data. 

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