Pardot Integration: Set-Up and Authentication

Integrating your Siftrock account with Pardot is a straightforward process that pushes new contacts and data field updates directly to your Pardot account based on the rules you define in your Siftrock workflows. 

Pardot integration is quick and painless, and integrating your account should take one or two minutes when using the following steps: 

Siftrock Settings

First, navigate to the Settings tab at the top of the page in the Siftrock app

Next, click the Integrations tab under settings on the left side of the screen.

From here, you can click the box which allows you to connect with one of our MAP partners, in your case, Pardot.

Pardot Authorization

When you click Pardot to connect, you will be asked for your Pardot login email, Pardot login password, and Pardot API key. This information authorizes Siftrock to connect with your Pardot account.  In order to find your API key in Pardot, navigate to settings, then My Profile, and your API key will be listed within your profile information.


Once you have your email, password, and API key, simply click Save in the window, and your Pardot account should be connected and ready to receive data. As a final check, you should be able to see a green “Success!” box next to your Pardot integration. 


The integration between Siftrock and Pardot adds powerful automation to reply mail intelligence. Once you've configured your account it's time to start creating workflows that tell Siftrock what to do with the data we process from your replies.

If you have any problems with setup, please email support and we'd be happy to help.

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