How to Handle Lead Owner Email Address Replies through Siftrock

Today, thanks to the collaborative efforts of marketing and sales teams, marketing campaigns often send emails "from" a member of the sales team, such as an SDR.

Now, with Siftrock, you can automate the manual process of sorting through replies to these emails, tracking reply rates, and maintain your databases more easily by setting up dynamic routing through Siftrock. 

Before getting set up following the steps below, you need to have the following already in place:

          1. A subdomain pointing at Siftrock. See the Subdomain Set-Up Guide here to get started. In our example, our                        subdomain is

          2. Your root domain which emails are currently sent from, such as

          3. Lead tracking and storing through SFDC, where you assign a lead owner who emails are sent from. 

          4. Email campaigns sent from lead owners through a Marketing Automation Platform, in our example, we reference                    Marketo.

Once these prerequisites are in place, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Update SFDC

Create a new field in both the lead and contact in SFDC. Be sure to make it visible in Marketo.

In that SFDC field, add a formula like this: 

               if Lead Owner Email Address is then field value =                                                                       

Notice here that the original lead owner email address includes the root domain ( and the formula updates the email address to point to the Siftrock subdomain ( This ensures that replies to email sent from a lead owner will go to Siftrock.

Step 2: Sync to Marketo

 Take the token from Salesforce and replace it in each Email Asset in Marketo, ensuring that the lead owner email address     will update to include the subdomain pointing at Siftrock.

 Test it out! Make sure that Marketo is syncing the fields and values correctly.

Step 3: Set Up Siftrock

 Set up a Route Email Workflow in your Siftrock Account for human replies.

 In the Dynamic Route option, put in your root domain, for example,

See our Email Routing Workflows Set Up Guide here for more details.

This will allow Siftrock to automatically update any lead email address you send from using your subdomain, such as and forward human replies to your actual inbox, for example,


Once each step is complete, you should be able to send emails from a lead owner, and automatically only have human replies routed back to the lead owner's actual inbox. 

For more information, reach out to and we'd be happy to help!

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