Marketo DKIM Set-up

Updated 2 years ago by Adam Schoenfeld

When using a reply subdomain in Marketo, it is advised that you add a DKIM & SPF record to your DNS settings for that domain.
The value for that record needs to be copied from your Marketo Email Admin using the following steps.
Once you have that value, send it to your IT team (or whoever has access to your DNS). Use this subdomain set-up worksheet to provide IT with all the information they need to set-up a reply subdomain.

1. ) Login to Marketo and navigate to Admin

2.) Select Email in the admin menu

3.) Navigate to the SPF/DKIM tab

4.) If you are creating a new domain click Add Domain. If you are updating an existing subdomain, double click on the domain you want to use to display the DKIM details.

5.) Copy the TXT Value provided in the DKIM details and add paste in your subdomain set-up worksheet. DOWNLOAD THE SUBDOMAIN SET-UP WORKSHEET

6.) Once you IT team has added the DNS records, come back to the SPF/DKIM admin tab and click Verify DNS


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