Tracking Enriched Contacts in Marketo

After turning on the Enrich feature in Siftrock, you may want to see all the great phone number and job title data that's being added to contacts in your Marketo account. By following the steps below, you can create a smart list which will add newly enriched contacts from Siftrock for your tracking purposes.

1. Create a New Smart List in Your Marketo Account

The first step to tracking Enriched contacts is creating a smart list in Marketo. Be sure to name the list something that will distinguish it from other lists, such as "Siftrock Enriched Contacts"

2. Add "Data Value Changed" Filters to the Smart List

You'll want to add two "Data Value Changed" filters to your new smart list.  One will track the attribute "Job Title" and the other will track the attribute "Phone Number". These filters will segment out the Enriched contacts from Siftrock. If you're also writing to secondary fields, you can add "Data Value Changed" filters for those attributes as well. You can change the Date of Activity to whatever date limit you feel is relevant. If you've just turned on Enrich, you may want to stick with the past 30 days.

3. Add 1 Constraint to Each "Data Value Changed" Filter

Once you have 2 filters which look for the "Job Title" and "Phone Number" attribute, you'll want to add constraints for each filter. The constraint should search for when the Source is "Web service API." If you're adding filters for secondary fields, be sure to add the source as a constraint as well.

4. Be Sure to Change the Rule Logic to "Use Any Filters"

You'll want to make sure that you have the "Use Any Filters" logic applied to your smart list. This will ensure that the list pulls a contact if either the "Job Title" or "Phone Number" attribute is changed. If you've added additional filters for secondary fields, it will pull that data as well.

Wrap Up

Once these steps have been completed, you should have a smart list that will automatically populate with any contacts that have been Enriched by Siftrock. One caveat to this process is that if you have multiple enrichment services that are using the API, you may not be able to distinguish which contacts are being enriched by Siftrock compared to your other services. However, this should get you on the right track to segmenting out enriched contacts in your Marketo account.

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