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As a B2B marketer, you probably hate seeing null values. Especially in big fields like direct phone number or job title.

Now, Siftrock can now automatically enrich contact records from email signatures and auto-replies. Best of all? Setting it up in your Siftrock account couldn't be more simple. Here are the steps:

Navigate to Enrich Settings and switch to "ON"

First, go to the Automate tab in your Siftrock account. Click Create New Skill. Then, click Create Skill in the Enrich box.

You'll then want to switch the button in the "Enrich Phone Numbers" box to "ON" as shown below. 

You'll also want to turn on the "Enrich Titles" function as well. Simply switch the button to "ON" in the "Enrich Titles" box as shown below.

Multiple Ways to Sync to Your Marketing Integration

There are a few options you have to choose from when deciding how Enrich data will get written to your integrated marketing account:

               1. Sync to default field only when the existing value is empty
               2. Sync to default field and override existing value
               3. Sync to default field when existing value is null. And, sync to this secondary field if default field has a                         value.

As a best practice, we advise choosing the first option for titles, and the third option for phone numbers, as we don't want to potentially overwrite previously stored data with data pulled from Siftrock. If you choose to write to a secondary field, we would advise that you create a new field that you can easily relate back to Siftrock, such as "Siftrock Phone Number" or "Siftrock Title". 


Once you turn Enrich on and choose how you want to write data to your integrated marketing account, your data will automatically start mining signatures for data. You can keep track of how many phone numbers and titles we've captured by logging in to your Siftrock account, and viewing the Enriched Contacts graph in the Dashboard

Wrap Up

Enrich is an easy way to get even more data from your email replies through Siftrock. Currently, Enrich is available for Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot and Hubspot customers.  There is no additional charge to access enrichment in Siftrock, so just flip the switch and watch the results.

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