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Before you start: best practices

You can connect any GSuite or Office365 inbox to Siftrock that meets these requirements:

  • Don't connect a personal inbox. Otherwise, personal conversations will be eligible to process through Siftrock.
  • Your inbox must be a "user" with its own password. We can't connect aliases or distribution lists. We use OAuth2 to authenticate inboxes, and we can't do this with an inbox that doesn't have a password.

It's best to do this using an Incognito tab or other private browsing - otherwise, your browser will probably try to connect your own personal inbox to Siftrock.

How to connect

Go to Settings > Inbox Connections. Then select either Sign in with Google, or Sign in with O365.

Then, you'll be redirected to Google or Microsoft, where you'll enter the address and password for the inbox you want to connect.



How soon will I see my data?

Replies should start flowing into Siftrock within 5-10 minutes. By default, whenever a new inbox is connected, we backfill the last 30 days of replies automatically.

How do I know it's connected?

You'll see a green checkmark and "Good" status when the inbox is connected successfully.

If an inbox is not successfully connected, it will be marked in red as "Failing". An inbox fails when we no longer have valid credentials for it. Usually this is due to a password change or multi-factor authentication - your IT team can help resolve those issues.

How do I delete or reconnect inboxes?

To disconnect an inbox, click the downward arrow and select Delete.

If your inbox is failing and you'd like to resolve it, delete first and then follow the steps to reconnect.

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