HubSpot Integration: Set-up & Authentication

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Siftrock is a HubSpot integrated solution. We support a flexible integration that pushes contacts and data field updates directly to your HubSpot account based on the rules you define in workflows. In HubSpot we sync to data to the contacts, allowing you to use this data across HubSpot marketing, CRM, and sales tools.

Follow the steps below to set-up API integration between your Siftrock and HubSpot.

Siftrock settings

Click on Settings in the top navigation

Then click Integrations in the sub-navigation on the left side.

This brings up the integration page. Click "Connect with One of our Partners" and Select HubSpot

Grant Access in HubSpot

You will be routed to HubSpot to select your portal and grant access to the integration.

Explanation of necessary permissions:

  • Read from and write to my Contacts: This is to allow Siftrock to create new contacts in your account and update existing contacts
  • Create timeline events: This enables Siftrock to publish insights from replies to a timeline for a contact.
  • User and account information: This enables Siftrock to access you basic account information.
Test Your Integration

Once you've authorized Siftrock to access your HubSpot account data, you will be re-directed back to the integration settings screen. Click "Test" to confirm that your integration is connected.

Use Workflows to Sync Data

Once you've configured your account it's time to start creating workflows that tell Siftrock what to do with the data we process from your replies.

If you have any problems with setup, please email support and we'd be happy to help.

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